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    The surface cleaning of the plasma cleaning machine

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    Plasma pretreatment and cleaning for the plastic, aluminum and even glass after the subsequent painting operations to create the ideal surface conditions.Since plasma cleaning is a \"dry\" cleaning process, the material can be immediately processed into the next step, so plasma cleaning is a stable and efficient proces...
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    Plasma pretreatment and cleaning for the plastic, aluminum and even glass after the subsequent painting operations to create the ideal surface conditions.

    Since plasma cleaning is a "dry" cleaning process, the material can be immediately processed into the next step, so plasma cleaning is a stable and efficient process. Due to the high energy of the plasma, the chemical or organic contaminants on the surface of the material can be decomposed, and all impurities that may interfere with the attachment are effectively removed, allowing the material surface to meet the optimum conditions required for subsequent coating processes. The use of plasma technology in accordance with the requirements of the surface cleaning process, the surface without mechanical damage, without chemical solvents complete green environmental protection process, release agent, additives, plasticizers or other hydrocarbons caused by surface contamination can be removed. The surface cleaning by plasma can remove the finest dust particles that are tightly attached to the plastic surface. Through a series of reactions and interactions, the plasma can remove these dust particles from the surface of the object thoroughly. This can greatly reduce the high quality requirements of the coating operation of the rejection rate, such as the automotive industry in the coating operations. A fine, high-quality surface can be obtained by a series of physical and chemical effects at the microscopic level, by plasma surface cleaning.

    The superiority of plasma cleaning
    The plasma cleaning process can achieve a true 100% cleaning
    Compared to plasma cleaning, washing with water is usually just a dilution process
    Plasma cleaning does not require other materials compared to CO2 cleaning technology
    Plasma cleaning can handle the complete surface structure of the material, rather than just the surface protrusion, compared to sandblasting.

    Can be integrated online without additional space
    Low operating costs, environmentally friendly pretreatment process
    Pretreatment: Plasma surface treatment for different applications
    Plasma surface treatment technology can be used for surface activation of a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, glass, textiles and so on. Whether it is to be coated or bonded on the treated surface, the effective activation of the material surface is a necessary process step.

    The surface was tested by using a surface test ink to show:
    The surface tension is low and the test ink can not wet the surface. After the plasma treatment, the surface tension is improved and the test ink can completely wet the surface activation of the surface by plasma treatment. The plasma surface treatment can effectively activate the surface of the material. For plastics, non-polar surfaces are often difficult to bond and coat, and the surface activation is to modify the structure of the polymer molecules that make up the plastic, making the material surface easy to process and process.
    Advantages of plasma activation
    The process is fast and reliable
    Uniform plasma beam ensures uniform and stable surface treatment
    Low cost, environmentally friendly pretreatment process
    No corona effect of the pretreatment process; material in the treatment does not touch the high voltage.
    Pretreatment: Plasma technology and plasma coating technology, with unlimited application to expand the potential of the surface coating process With plasma technology or plasma coating technology, can make the surface to meet the various characteristics of the follow-up process With the help of this novel plasma technology, the use of Low-cost material, you can produce new, high-quality high-quality materials. Plasma coating technology is very suitable for selective coating treatment, which greatly expanded the application of this technology. PET film, aluminum foil, textiles, glass, all kinds of plastic, metal and precious metals can be used to complete the surface treatment of plasma coating. With this technique, it is also possible to harden the material, for example in the production of a tool, or to produce a plastic product with a sticky surface or a self-adhesive surface.

    Plasma treatment ensures reliable coating attached to the actual production, often using a robot to control the plasma spray gun for product surface treatment. Typical applications of plasma pretreatment include automotive and aerospace, electrical and electronic appliances and home appliance manufacturing, commodity manufacturing and packaging. The plasma pretreatment ensures the adhesion of the surface coating on a plastic material such as aluminum, a plastic material such as PP or EPDM, or other material.

    Process: The use of plasma treatment technology to achieve a reliable and durable bonding between the plastic material between the long and long bonding quality can be attributed to the high surface activation of plasma surface treatment. Industrial applications require a large amount of adhesion to glass, metal, plastic, fabric and film. In the field of plastic bonding, there are also difficult to count the application examples. In addition to the bonding between plastics, plasma technology has been successfully applied to structural bonding during assembly. For example, in the automotive industry, the radiator and truck body of the bonding surface after plasma pretreatment. After plasma pretreatment, no additional cleaning or other pretreatment processes are required, and plasma technology ensures high adhesion strength. Through years of process development cooperation, the company has a lot of data on the bonding process technology, including, after plasma treatment, what kind of material to use what adhesive can get the best bonding effect.

    Process: the use of two different materials combined with the new process in the two-component injection molding using plasma technology to produce new composite materials using plasma technology, two-component injection molding process can be two incompatible materials firmly To bind together. This is mainly related to the bonding of hard and soft rubber, for example, silicone rubber and polypropylene composite materials. The cost of using composite materials with two-component injection molding is very economical and can produce new products with strict specific requirements for materials. Two-component injection molding process in-line online application In the injection molding process, after injection of the first component material, the injection mold is opened, the plasma spray gun needs to be scanned with the second component material, The first component material is treated so as to enable reliable bonding with the second component material. By means of plasma technology, different general conventional materials are used in the processing of medical devices. Plasma processing systems: Plasma surface treatment systems, an efficient and simple "on-line" process for a wide range of processes. For the processing of the surface properties of those products, the plasma processing technology is a process for the processing of decisive factors. Appropriate and effective means of improving the surface.

    This atmospheric pressure plasma treatment technology can selectively clean, activate, or paint, including plastic, metal, glass, film or fabric materials, including a variety of materials. Through these treatments, the plastic can be barrier, the metal is resistant to corrosion, or the glass is resistant to dirt. After the material has been processed, the quality of the coating or printing is higher, the quality is more stable and the durability is longer. Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment technology, can make users specific processing, a highly efficient, economical, environmentally friendly advanced processing technology.

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